I am a practicing interdisciplinary artist. Once I’ve experienced a detachment of the white cube environment from reality, decision was made to expand the boundaries of my art practice in other fields. The applicability of the conceptual artist attitude within design and architecture proved to be interesting and successful. In my artistic beginnings I was incorporating the knowledge from other disciplines into the artworks. Now I use artistic knowledge, both formal and abstract, in combination with specific discipline skills to generate more complex forms of expressions that surpass a medium or a discipline.

Boris Kajmak (b. 1980 Croatia) is an interdisciplinary artist whose works explore social realms through material, play and language. His conceptual approach has generated sculptures, design, and architectural pieces that have been exhibited internationally since 1999. After graduating in printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Mostar (BIH) in 2004, he obtained additional MA at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2005, London (UK).

He currently lives and works in Munich.


email: kajmak@gmail.com

mobile: +4915203044625

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the site and statements dear one. I sent an email so you have our contact info now! Xo Marjorie and Whitney your art and soul sisters

  2. Hi Boris, great website! hope to see you soon in London! cheers brate moj lepi :)

  3. hey boris, great website! hope to see you soon in munich, berlin or seoul! cheers, falko

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