Kuća Fotografa


This project is a follow up of the success story of the Kuća Kamena project which confirmed a new development trajectory.


It is developed as a holiday house, concentrated on the traditional techniques in combination with contemporary design. This was a language used in attempt to retell the history of the property that once belonged to a photographer.


A renovation process was guided by the stories wrapping up the house and a free interpretation of sentiments gained from those.


The utility installations, exposed structural elements and the original photographs made in the time between the two Wars decorate the house and form an atmospheric bond.


The house was abandoned for more that 25 years prior the renovation.


For the renovation photos check: https://www.pinterest.com/bkajmak/ku%C4%87a-fotografa/

For more information about this project please go to: http://kucafotografa.com/

Photos by Tom de Gay.

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