Kuća Kamena


Kuća Kamena is a signature project in which the artistic approach defined the architecture.


It was the renovation project of the old traditional Dalmatian stone house with special attention to preserve all the elements that define the building tradition of the area.


Regardless of the renovation in the traditional note there are many contemporary design interventions throughout the property.


The newly purposed built furniture in the house is mostly made out of reclaimed materials from the house.


Special attention was taken to preserve the sounds of the house, which meant long restoration of all wooden structural elements that were in pretty bad condition prior the works began.


The house was abandoned and afterwards damaged in the war in the 90’s. But the work being done, restored the house to its structural definition how it used to be at the end of the 19th Century rather than 1980’s when it was last renovated.


It is situated in the heart of the very picturesque fishing town on the Dalmatian coast called Novigrad (Zadar county).


For more information about this project please go to: www.kucakamena.com

For more information about the renovation process visit: www.novigradhome.wordpress.com

Photos by Tom de Gay.

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